Reasons Why Sex isn’t Doing it For You

Today, I went for lunch with some girlfriends, and (as per!) we got onto the topic of sex. 'I just don't get much out of it,' said Pippa. 'I'm always waiting for it to finish.' Halt there, Pippa. Let me tell you something about my experience of sex. I have had maybe 13 or 14 … Continue reading Reasons Why Sex isn’t Doing it For You

10 Reasons You’re Single

There are a whole host of reasons why some people are single. Sometimes, it's by choice, and other times, not so much. Just know that we've all been there, and your Prince Charming could be right in front of you... You're looking stuck on 'The One' Relationships are about choices. Don't worry about thinking that … Continue reading 10 Reasons You’re Single